Benefits of GaN

It’s all about efficiency. In any system, power has to be converted or managed.
Whenever conversion happens losses occur. These losses manifest themselves as waste heat, which has to be dissipated and gives rise to excess greenhouse gases. Using gallium nitride, with its much lower on-resistance, superior fast-switching capabilities and zero reverse recovery losses a more efficient conversion is achieved.

GaN Systems’ technology features and benefits:

• Higher reliability, no wire bonding – smaller form factor, more mechanically robust
• Very high current devices – combining our Island with our GaNPX packaging technology our devices can realize
100’s of Amperes
• Ultra low thermal losses  – heat sinks & fan can be  eliminated or  reduced to further reduce end-product
form factor, weight & cost
• High power density – Ideal for compact power-hungry devices
• Positive temperature coefficient, limiting current as temperature of device increases – Ideal for high-current
multi-die packaged devices
• No-charge storage, eliminating EMI spikes – Improving efficiency of SMPS
• High switching speed, >100V / nS, can be obtained with lower switching losses – Improving
efficiency of SMPS
• E-Mode devices can control slew rate by simply controlling the gate resistance, enabling EMI and
motor control applications to be optimized
• On-board Drive Assist™ can eliminate drive inductance enabling GaN transistors to reach extremely
high speeds